Sellers: Brand-Smart Contexts For Inventory

Give brands the clear-cut contexts they crave by defining custom channel segments for each brand using specific keywords.

Broad categories like 'sports' and 'business' don't accurately reflect your content or your users' experiences. What about 'London 2012', 'Liverpool FC', or 'bank rates'? Create a seamless user experience of your website by ensuring ads sold are contextually relevant to the content on each page.

Deploy Grapeshot Keywords and custom channels to slice through inventory using a brand's own keyword-contextual definitions of relevance and toxicity.

Define more precise segments across your inventory, to place buyers' ad campaigns in their most relevant contexts. Differentiate away from industry-standard segments towards the keyword-contexts most valuable to buyers. Transform an 'auto' campaign into a custom Keyword Charter for the brand: contextual targeting for 'Toyota', 'hybrid', 'carbon emissions', whilst avoiding 'car crash', 'police' and other toxic contexts, all within one brief.

Convert low-cost units into premium-value placements.

Raise the value of disparate inventory by enabling precision keyword-contextual targeting across the medley of content. Grapeshot can package up custom segments for each brand at premium price points, and extend premium inventory into user-generated content by making it relevant and brand-safe. Deliver improved results for each advertiser, to acquire accounts and grow them.

Increase market confidence by ensuring the contexts surrounding your ad units have been thoroughly vetted according to a brand's specific needs.

Custom Keyword Charters let each brand ensure that the inventory meets their own high standards of safety - so sellers don't have to worry about vetting again. Let the Keyword Charter do the work the brand needs.

Make your inventory more valuable with Grapeshot.

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