Platforms: Next-Generation Keyword-Contextual Capability

Upgrade your platform with next-generation keyword-contextual technology.

So buyers and sellers can easily create custom, brand-smart channels defined by sets of keywords on your platform. A better solution than standard industry-wide categories.

The granular precision of keywords.

So buyers or sellers can find the specific contexts that resonate with each brand, whilst avoiding toxic inventory. Including Grapeshot Keywords for deep precision targeting and brand safety allows brands to operate their own Keywords Charter. Bring buyer trust to RTB inventory with the assurance of brand safety that is precise, custom to each brand, and based on keywords.

Grapeshot is your keyword-contextual sensor for ad inventory, making the deep inventory of RTB transparent and trade-safe.

Convert low-cost ad units into premium placements in real time.

Help brands package up premium inventory from a wide array of RTB content sources. Raise margins on long-tail inventory by categorising it according to each brand's unique brief, transforming both the economic efficiency of campaigns and the business benefits of using your platform.

Integrate Grapeshot's scalable API for fast, tight integration with your existing platform.

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