Buyers: Brand-smart with Keywords

Simple, clear keywords can now describe exactly what contexts to buy, keeping the brand - instead of standard inventory categories - right at the centre of the media-buying campaign.

Define the media-buying strategy for each brand with a Keywords Charter, using collections of keywords to define the specific keyword-contexts that resonate with each brand's cravings. Use negative keywords to avoid any contexts specifically dangerous or toxic to the brand. Transfer the original campaign brief or SEO vocabulary into a display media-buying campaign also based directly on keyword-contexts. Ensure you buy inventory that is relevant and safe for each brand.

While brand identities are stable, the RTB ecosystem is in constant flux.

Grapeshot continuously filters the available bid inventory using a brand's Keywords Charter as the definition for contextual relevance. Inside the Grapeshot Keywords app a 'matching documents' inventory gives you one-click transparency on page-level matching inventory, before you buy. Continuously watch and verify bid traffic using the brand's own set of keywords as a benchmark for contextual relevance.

Give yourself a competitive advantage in the bidding landscape.

Rely on the brand's unique Keyword Charter instead of standard channels available to all bidders industry-wide. Use a proprietary custom Keyword Charter to find and buy inventory that your competitors cannot see. Transform low cost bids into premium placements, using Grapeshot's keyword-contextual targeting to augment user retargeting campaigns, deliver page-level precision brand safety, or prospect for new users with target audience interests.

Put the keywords within a brand's campaign brief at the heart of display media-buying with Grapeshot Keywords.

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